My Favorite Amazon FBA Software and Apps

amazon fba softwareMy Favorite Amazon FBA Software and Apps

There are a few Amazon FBA software tools, widgets and apps that I seem to use over and over again and I’m never sure if everyone already knows about them or not.  So I thought I’d get them in a list for people to know about them! Some of them are free and some are not.  You’ll have to decide what your time is worth when considering the non freebies.

Amazon FBA Calculator Widget

This one is free and you need to be using it!  I am in a lot of Amazon groups on Facebook.  I mostly lurk but I read everything to stay current.  And sadly there are many, many posts where people are completely taken by surprise at what they pay for Amazon fees.  So many newbies would avoid costly mistakes if only they would use this little bit of Amazon FBA software!  People seem to buy and send in stuff without having a clue about what the fees are and how much they will get when it sells.

Now I admit that when I was new, I went by the rule of thirds because I didn’t know about this. (The rule of thirds is I pay $10 for an item, I sell it for $30 and when it sells I get $10 profit, I get $10 to cover my cost and Amazon keeps $10 for fees).  That got me by but I really like this little tool.  You enter the ASIN or UPC of the item, it tells you exactly what the fees will be and what your payout will be.  I deduct my item cost and a buck for shipping and I know exactly what I’m going to get as profit.  Simple!

I give details about how I use this tool here.

This Amazon FBA calculator works for the US, Canada and Mexico and is available for Firefox and Chrome.

Download Chrome version here and Firefox version here.


AZL Labels

Up until recently, I have promoted ListLabelShip which then became ClickLabel or something like that.  However, one day it stopped working and my support emails were ignored.

So now I am using and loving AZLabels and it works beautifully with my awesome DYMO Thermal Printer!  You can print both item labels as well as shipping box labels.  It was super easy to install and use.

One thing that I really like is the pricing plan.  For a brand new seller, there is a free plan that allows up to 100 labels a month.  This should be enough to get you started and if you love it (which I think you will) you can upgrade to the standard plan (same price as ListLabelShip was and many sellers will fall into this category as far as volume) or the Premium unlimited Plan.

But if you are going to use the Dymo printer, then AZLabels is a must and you save both time and money.  When ordering the labels be sure to get Removable labels (required by Amazon), you can tell because most of the time they will have an R in the name.  I use these 30334-R Labels by House Labels.

Read more about printing Amazon FBA labels here.

Jungle Scout

Right now Jungle Scout is my most favorite bit of Amazon FBA software. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks but I figure it has saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars in potential buying mistakes.  In addition it has pointed me to products that I might not have noticed. How does it do that?

Well, it is a simple little icon that sits on your tool bar.  When you are looking at an item on Amazon you click the little Junglescout icon and it brings up a chart.  The chart shows the item price and rank and how many will sell in one month.  Further more, it brings up similar items and this is where the hidden gold is!  Is shows you who is selling those items (Amazon/FBA/Merch).  I have successfully been able to find items that are profitable with the BuyBox occupied by an MF seller.  These are products that I will source! You can see what I mean in the screen shot below of a Doc McStuffins bag that I was looking into.  I am now much more interested in the item below it that sells for $27.48, is Merchant Fulfilled and sells 943 a month!  And check out that rank! Do you see why I am excited about this!?

amazon fba software


Jungle Scout is not free, I paid $87 US for a one time fee.  Worth. Every. Penny.  I have made that cost back over and over again.  If you are interested, check out the Jungle Scout demo here.  Please note that JungleScout does not yet work for

(full Disclosure, I make $20 if you buy this.  But you should know by now that I only share things I absolutely love!)

The Ebates Cash Back Toolbar

The Ebates Cash Back Toolbar will alert you when you are shopping on a site that offers cash back.  For those that do online arbitrage, this is a goldmine!  The Ebates button will even alert you to available coupons.

ebates cash back toolbar

You can read more about how Ebates works in this article.  





Merchant Words

Merchant Words is a keyword research tool created by Amazon for Amazon.  It is a must if you do bundles, private label or make your own product listings.  It is free, sort of.  Most people can get away with using the free version because it allows up to 10 free searches a day.  With the PRO version ($30 a month) you get unlimited searches and also some extra information.  For my use, I’m happy with the free version. I make bundles and gift baskets.  When I was playing around I found out that 29,000 people a month search for a certain type of gift basket.  Guess what I will be making!?

Check out Merchant Words here.

Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit is a scanning app on your phone.  You can scan items when you are out and about and get an idea of profitability.

I like that I can switch back and forth between US and Canada quite easily and Profit Bandit is reasonably accurate.

I’m a little on again, off again, on again with Profit Bandit.  It’s $10 US a month and even though I don’t do a lot of RA, when I am in a store and I see something, I want to scan it.  That said, a friend in this business recently showed me the Amazon Sellers app which is free.  I’m experimenting with it and I might just have to switch again, we’ll see!

Amazon FBA Software – I’m sure there’s more good stuff out there!

I promise that I will add more Amazon FBA Software, Apps and widgets as I find that I can’t live without them.  If you have any that you think I should look at and add, then please let me know!

Please feel free to come and find me and ask questions in Amazon Sales Ninja Facebook group!


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9 Responses to My Favorite Amazon FBA Software and Apps

  1. Heather Burns says:

    thank you Anita for this valuable advice!

  2. Dawn Reber says:

    Thanks for sharing your favs Anita! I’d like to add mine too – Amazon Seller App. First of all, I love that it’s FREE! I briefly used Profit Bandit last year when I sold on Amazon, so I’m not sure if there have been upgrades to that app, but here’s what else I’m loving about the Amazon Seller App. I have a few (20) items that I bought and need to send in. Honestly, I’ve been stalling because when I come home from work, I’m exhausted. After I get the kid in bed, I just want to veg. Anyway, I decided that today was the day to get these items listed! I pulled out my phone, scanned each bar code, hit “list item” and voila – it took me less than 5 minutes to get these items listed. If I had to manually type the barcodes in to Seller Central, it would have take me 5 minutes to do 3 of them. Might have something to do with age and my eyesight, but nonetheless, the Amazon Seller App made quick and easy work out of the one thing that I dislike about this whole process. Give it a try and let me know what you think too.

  3. John P says:

    I am looking at AZ Gizmo now — it’s a new tool for product scouting. It’s free, and seem to offer the same features as Jungle Scout. Doesn’t do “sales estimates”, but I am not sure how reliable these estimates are anyway. Give it a try.

    My product research was stagnant until I cam across AZ Gizmo. Once your catalog grows large enough, it’s hard enough to stay on top of reordering, let alone adding new products. Yet it’s frustrating and I felt left behind every time I stumble on all the bundles and multi-packs that my competitors keep introducing. This little tool allows me in just a few minutes once a week to scan and see how these new ASINs are performing, and if any of them are worth my time.

    As I was trying to get into white labeling, I found myself constantly copy/pasting price and ranking info. My partner found this tool — AZ Giszmo — saves a ton of time. And it’s free — can’t beat that!

  4. Lloyd Anino says:

    Great article! I also would like to share a great tool which helps Amazon Sellers see their competitors’ quantities in stock. Having this information is important, I believe, because you’ll know whether you can join the competition or not, or perhaps just find other products with less competition and gain more profit from there instead. The Amzpecty google chrome extension is the tool you need. Try this out FREE at

    • Anita says:

      Thanks for the info, I will check it out. I have the paid version of How Many and it works only half the time and it stopped working for all together.

  5. Ty says:

    for the docmcstuffin doc bag….how do you get approval to sell that?

    • Anita says:

      I’m not sure what you mean. I have listed and sold Doc McStuffin items for 2 years without ever any issues? I know that in August of this year some brands became gated, maybe this is one of them? If that is the case then I appear to have been grandfathered in.

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