Amazon Prime Day (Why We Should Care!)

amazon prime dayAmazon Prime Day (and Why We Should Care!)

Next week is Amazon’s 20th Birthday!  To celebrate, Amazon is having a global Amazon Prime Day on July 15, 2015.  So yes, this includes those of us selling on Amazon Canada!

Amazon is spreading the news far and wide and saying that there will be more deals than Black Friday.  The sales will start at midnight and there will be new deals and Lightning Deals every 10 minutes throughout the day.  There will also be unlimited Prime shipping.

Amazon Prime Day is a Win/Win/Win situation for all.

  • Amazon wins because they will undoubtedly sign up more Amazon Prime memberships
  • Buyers win because there will be so many deals
  • Amazon FBA sellers win because there will more people shopping and our inventory qualifies for Amazon Prime Membership benefits
  • Even non FBA sellers will win because there will be so many more eyeballs on Amazon that day, sales are bound to happen.

Since it is only one week away, if you have anything to ship to the Fulfillment Centres, ship it now!  You don’t need to be slashing your prices unless you want to.  Buyers will be looking for deals but they will also buy other things while they are at it.

Do you have any inventory sitting around that might be subject to the August 15th Long Term Storage Fees?  This may be a perfect opportunity to mark it down and get it sold!

If you are a buyer reading this, you may want to consider Amazon Prime membership.  What are the Amazon Prime DayAmazon Prime Membership Benefits?

  1. Free 2 day shipping
  2. Watch unlimited movies and TV shows with Prime Instant Video
  3. Unlimited music streaming
  4. Unlimited photo storage
  5. Early access to Lightning Deals
  6. Free Amazon Prime books  (over 500,000 titles)

The Amazon Prime Member Fee is $99 a year in the US and $79 a year in Canada.  There is even a 30 day Free Trial if you are not sure.

If you are an Amazon seller then you are likely also a buyer and why shouldn’t we get some of those amazing deals as well!?  Just remember not to use your Prime account to buy items for resale as that is against Amazon TOS.

Ok, so are we ready for this!?  Happy selling! And buying  🙂


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