How to Create Bundles for Amazon

Create Bundles for AmazonHow to Create Bundles for Amazon

So I guess bundling has become a thing for me. Early on in my Amazon selling journey (2014) I somehow decided I would create bundles for Amazon just to play around.  And even though my first few attempts were bulky and had terrible pictures, they sold and I understood that I was on to something.

Although Q4 is a wonderful thing and almost everything sells, the rest of the online sales year is not quite as terrific if you are new and dealing with competition.  That is, unless you plan for it and take advantage of the seasonal gift giving opportunities that can make selling bundles on Amazon so lucrative!

So, can you make money selling gift baskets online?

Yes!  I just received my biggest non Q4 payout ever and it was in February.  What happens in February? gift baskets on amazon Valentine’s Day!  And I have to say that I expect the same thing in March and April due to St. Patricks Day and then Easter.

And why not just source single items for these holidays and sell those?  Well of course I do that as well. But for those sales I am also competing against many other sellers, some of whom don’t know how to share the buy box and feel they have to be the lowest in order to sell.  This usually creates a price war and what we call the race to the bottom. Very frustrating.  Exactly why I focus and create bundles for Amazon instead.  I much prefer to be the only seller!

I have written an ebook to teach you how to do the same.  I had quite the learning curve with bundles and you can read about some of my failures in this article I wrote. This ebook will teach you some valuable tips and tricks that I have learned along the way!

Bundle opportunities are just so endless, so I do not fear competition in the least!  You can send 10 people into the same shop and ask them to choose 3 items to bundle together and I’d be very surprised if any of them showed up with the same 3 items.  I am always amazed when I browse Amazon and see the diversity and creativity of bundles.

Here is what I teach in my new ebook:

  • What are bundles and why you should use them
  • Types of bundles and why you want to include each of them in your inventory
  • My Bundle Checklist for Success
  • How to come up with Bundle Ideas
  • How to figure out if people will buy your bundles
  • Bundles costs to consider and how to price your bundle to sell
  • The two most important factors that will determine your bundle success
  • How to get great images
  • How to create a bundle listing
  • Keywords for your bundle
  • UPC’s for your bundle
  • Packaging and shipping bundles
  • How to keep your competitors away from your bundles
  • Sourcing tips for bundle components
  • How to set up a sponsored ad
  • Using social media to market bundles

I also include examples from Amazon and from my own experience.

If you are tired of dealing with 100 sellers on every listing, then you owe it to your business to learn about bundles and see if they could work for you!

Good luck with this new lease on life for your Amazon FBA business!

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  1. Kike says:

    Hello Anita. Thanks for all the information you share. I submitted a contact form with my email address. I really want to start selling on Amazon FBA too but I need your help and guidance. I live in Saskatchewan. I would really appreciate if you could contact me. My email is . Thank you.

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