How To Sell On Amazon From Canada

sell on amazon from canada
So you want to sell on Amazon from Canada?

I have to admit, I was so very intimidated by this when I first started selling on Amazon as a Canadian.

We of course do have and we have 4 or 5 warehouses here in Canada.

But I can assure you that selling on is nothing like selling in the US on

You really do want to get your products in from of all those Americans!  Our market here is so small, it is really like selling only in California and not having access to the other 49 states.

In addition, Canadians just haven’t embraced this whole online shopping thing in the same way that the Americans have.  We are in our infancy here when it comes to shopping online!

What is the biggest obstacle to selling on from Canada ?

Yup. It’s the border. Oh the questions I had! Plus I imagined soldiers with guns just waiting for me and selling on from canadamy dubious paperwork and incorrect declarations!

  • Can a Canadian seller send stuff to the US warehouses? (Yes!)
  • How do you drive inventory over the border?
  • How do you send inventory over the border?
  • What are the best and cheapest options?
  • How much dollar value can I send?
  • Do I need a broker?
  • Do I have to pay duty?
  • Can I shop in the US and send to a US warehouse? How?

Questions like this and my fears about the border held my progress back for a year!

If you are a Canadian with dreams about selling in the US,  you can learn how to sell on Amazon step by step.  All the paperwork, all the ins and outs of getting goods over the border, all the various options. It’s all here in this ebook from fellow Canadian seller Duncan MacPherson.  I wish I had it 2 years ago.  It has everything you need to know and answered all my questions listed above.

What’s Inside How To Sell On From Canada?

These are some of the topics covered in this ebook:

  • Registering your account
  • Where to find products to sell
  • Importing Products into the US from Canada
  • What you’ll need at the border
  • Forms and declarations
  • US bank accounts and credit cards
  • Prep and Ship companies
  • Freight forwarders (so you don’t have to cross the border!)
  • A list of Prep and Ship companies
  • A list of websites both Canadian and US where you can source products

Like I said, I sure I wish I had this 2 years ago!  Duncan has laid out the groundwork for you to get started without all the hitches and setbacks that I had and that I know he also had in the beginning.

Order Duncan’s book here.

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I hope this information helps you to figure out how to sell on Amazon from Canada and that there are people out there doing it and so can you!  Good luck!



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2 Responses to How To Sell On Amazon From Canada

  1. Niki says:

    Hi Anita, I’m glad to hear that has the same discount I’ve created a shipment in but the option to select partner carrier is not available to me. Is there something that I need to do to get that turned on? Thank you.

    • Anita says:

      I am so sorry I didn’t see this earlier! You can only select it is you are shipping within Canada, were you trying to ship to to a US FC?

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