How to Set Your Black Friday Amazon Deals for FBA

Black Friday Amazon dealsThis is a quick blog post for the members of Amazon Sales Ninja’s Facebook Group.  Black Friday is coming up quick and not everyone knows how to put their items on sale.  I have spent the morning setting up my Black Friday Amazon deals and it’s easy although a little tedious if you have lots of items to mark down.

I’m sure the big sellers have software to do this for them but I’m not getting software for the less than 50 items that I chose for Black Friday!

So first let’s back track a bit for the really new people.  When I say Black Friday it means more than just the one day.  Black Friday really is now about a 2 week period.  In fact Amazon has a count down right now on their site that is counting down to ‘Black Friday week’.  So in reality, the Black Friday Amazon deals are starting on the Monday before Thanksgiving.  And Toys R Us are starting their Black Friday ‘pre-sale’ on the Sunday before Thanksgiving!  And of course we all know that there is now Cyber Monday, and then Cyber Monday week, so Black Friday pretty much means the week before Black Friday and the week after.

So with all that in mind, I have set my Black Friday Amazon deals to start on the Monday before Thanksgiving and end on the Friday after Cyber Monday.  Now, I should add that I’m in Canada and we don’t even really have any of this here and our Thanksgiving is in early October.  Yet, our online retail patterns closely follow the US patterns, so I’m just going with it!

Update Nov 2015: Last year for me, I had more sales on Black Friday weekend (from Black Friday to Cyber Monday) than I did for the entire month of October.  This kind of traffic was a shock to me.  And this year is advertising their Black Friday deals on TV right now, so I expect it to be even better for 2015.  I don’t know what to expect on because this will be my first Black Friday experience on the US platform, but all indications are that it will mirror the pattern I saw on Amazon Canada FBA last year.

Do We Have to Put Our Amazon FBA Stock on Sale for Black Friday?black friday amazon deals

No, of course not!  In fact, I have already raised some of my prices because I can see that Amazon is close to running out of stock on those items.  But let’s face it, we all have made buying mistakes in our early days of doing this business.  Most of my mistakes were as a result of not understanding that the ranks that are desirable in the US on are completely different than in Canada.  I bought thinking items would sell out in a couple weeks and here 6 months later some of them are still there.  Those are the items I want to get rid of.  Why not let them sit?  Because now I have a good handle on the ranks and on what Canadians are buying from Amazon here and I want that money in my pocket now so I can go out and buy the great products!

I don’t even care if I take a loss on these items.  If they sit too long then I will get dinged with Amazon’s annual storage fee.  So whatever dollars I can get out now will be a good thing.  Any loss will just be part of my education costs to learn this business.

So lets get started, it’s super easy!

  1.  Log into your Seller Central and Click on Inventory from the top, and then Manage Inventory
  2.  Locate the item you want to put on sale.
  3.  Click on the Edit box on the far right hand side (see photo)

FindInventory4. Clicking on Edit will take you to the Offer Tab as shown here:

  • Offer TabAs you can see, my regular price of $99.97 is what shows up now if someone were to find my product in my store.  But just below that, I have changed the price to $77.77 beginning on Black Friday and ending a week later.  I will still make $20 on this particular item.
  • 5. Scroll down and click on Save and Finish.

That’s it, easy peasy right!?

So go ahead and set up those Black Friday Amazon deals now so that you can enjoy your Thanksgiving.  And if you are lucky, some of those items will sell even before the sale kicks in which has happened to me already on a few items!

Which reminds me, keep an eye on ranks, prices and activity for these items. Things are starting to happen fast right now and what might seem like a dud today, could become hot next week.

Good luck to every one as the hottest part of Q4 gets underway!


The Amazon FBA program is a fantastic business opportunity and a great part time or full time business for the right person. It is not ‘Easy Money’ or a Get Rich Quick opportunity. It is a legitimate online retail business, subject to the real laws, rules and regulations of wherever you happen to live and the rather complicated and lengthy Amazon Terms of Agreement.
Do not start your Amazon business without first reading the Amazon TOS and without some basic knowledge of what it means to have a business and understand that with any business you must pay attention to basic business practises. And yes, this means things like taxes and insurance.






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2 Responses to How to Set Your Black Friday Amazon Deals for FBA

  1. Ann Powell says:

    Hi! At last I found your blog. I am canadian and I am starting fba
    business. I could not find many info for fba in Canada. Your blog is
    very informative. I have several questions:
    -what is the rank of the product do you recommend for Canada
    – Which shipping company do you use
    – do you know other blogs where I can read about fba in Canada
    I do not want to spend money on course right now because I just spend my money on scanner and thermal printer.

    • anitabreeze says:

      hi Ann! As far as I know, I am the only one writing about FBA in Canada! personally I would have done things the other way around. I invest in education first, then add equipment later as I earn money. I am about to buy my thermal printer this weekend! Best of luck to you!

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