Learning How To Sell Items On Amazon

Learning How to Sell Items on Amazon So, you heard about this whole Amazon FBA thing and now you are wondering how to get started and just exactly how to sell items on Amazon.  At first it can seem so overwhelming! Are there ways to learn how to sell items on Amazon for free or very cheap?  Of course!  I am going to provide you with a list of ways to learn Amazon FBA for free.  Many people do exactly that.  … Continue reading

Lessons Learned in Shipping to Amazon FBA

One of the biggest hurdles I see for Amazon FBA newbies is prepping and shipping.  Common questions are how to prepare your items, should you bag, should you bubble wrap, who to use for shipping (if you are in Canada) and so on. I started with the Amazon FBA program on Amazon.ca in May 2014 and learned many lessons. This article covers lessons learned in shipping. Nowadays  I also sell on Amazon.com and if you are looking for information on … Continue reading

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