Amazon Bundle Masterclass Review

My Review of Barbara Drazga’s Amazon Bundle Masterclass Amazon Bundling – The Bundle Masterclass AKA: The Amazon Bundling Course I Almost Didn’t Take! Why do I say that about the Amazon Bundling Masterclass?  Well I almost made the same mistake that many of you might make and I’m sure glad I didn’t!   You see, I have been selling bundles on Amazon for 2 years both on and  It is quite a large part of my income and I … Continue reading

How to Create Bundles for Amazon

How to Create Bundles for Amazon So I guess bundling has become a thing for me. Early on in my Amazon selling journey (2014) I somehow decided I would create bundles for Amazon just to play around.  And even though my first few attempts were bulky and had terrible pictures, they sold and I understood that I was on to something. Although Q4 is a wonderful thing and almost everything sells, the rest of the online sales year is not … Continue reading

My Failed Amazon FBA Bundles for Mother’s Day

My Failed Amazon FBA Bundles for Mother’s Day My Mother’s Day Amazon FBA bundles didn’t turn out as expected. I’m not 100% sure why, so this article is really just me trying to explore the situation and hopefully learn from it for next year. Those that know me and my store, know that I absolutely love making themed gift baskets, which in Amazon speak we refer to as Bundles. On Amazon, a bundle is a group of two or more … Continue reading

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