Wholesale for Amazon FBA

Learning Wholesale for Amazon FBA If there is one single thing that has taken my online retail business to a whole new level it is when I learned how to do wholesale for Amazon FBA. Like many Amazon sellers I started out as an eBay refugee, discouraged by slow sales and having to deal with my own packing and shipping and customer service. Amazon FBA changed all of that in a heartbeat for me.  But my sales were faster than my … Continue reading

Lessons Learned in Shipping to Amazon FBA

One of the biggest hurdles I see for Amazon FBA newbies is prepping and shipping.  Common questions are how to prepare your items, should you bag, should you bubble wrap, who to use for shipping (if you are in Canada) and so on. I started with the Amazon FBA program on Amazon.ca in May 2014 and learned many lessons. This article covers lessons learned in shipping. Nowadays  I also sell on Amazon.com and if you are looking for information on … Continue reading

Amazon FBA Lessons Learned

Amazon FBA Lessons Learned (post Q4) I am writing this article on December 30th, a nice little lull in the Amazon FBA storm that was Q4. Sales are back to normal, which on Amazon FBA in Canada are not all that exciting. We have something like only 10% of the volume that is done in the US. But before I figure out how I am going to increase sales for 2015, I want to take a breath and take stock … Continue reading

How to Set Your Black Friday Amazon Deals for FBA

This is a quick blog post for the members of Amazon Sales Ninja’s Facebook Group.  Black Friday is coming up quick and not everyone knows how to put their items on sale.  I have spent the morning setting up my Black Friday Amazon deals and it’s easy although a little tedious if you have lots of items to mark down. I’m sure the big sellers have software to do this for them but I’m not getting software for the less … Continue reading

How a Niche Can Help Your Amazon FBA Business

Many people are surprised that I don’t have a scanner app for my Amazon FBA business. (If you are new to Amazon FBA, a scanner app allows you to scan products in the store to see if you can make a profit on them). I actually did have one, I bought Profit Bandit when it was $14.99 but then sometime over the summer I lost access to it when I upgraded my phone. I might get it again, but to … Continue reading

Amazon FBA Sourcing Without a Scanner App

Amazon FBA Sourcing Without a Scanner App When I first started my Amazon FBA business I was advised to get an app for my smart phone so that I could scan products in the stores. I did this but the whole spending hours in a store scanning items got very old very fast for me. I work a 40 hour a week job, I have teenagers and well I just have a lot going on! Finding a way to source … Continue reading

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