How Crafters and Artisans Can Help Boost Your Amazon FBA Business

selling crafts amazon                                                                                                                          How Crafters and Artisans Can Help Boost Your Amazon FBA Business

I’ve always enjoyed wandering around markets where local artisans sell their creations.  Did you know these crafters and artisans can help boost your Amazon FBA business? Seriously, you don’t have to fly across the country to find products to source.  Check your own back yard first!

What’s that you say!?  I have bundles, gift packs and even some single products that are locally produced by people in their homes, people that you can find at these markets.  This can (and should!) be a win/win situation for you as an Amazon seller and for them as a home based business.

To learn more about selling bundles and gift packs on Amazon click here to check out the Bundle Masterclass that I took and still use. 

Need some ideas?  Here’s a few to get you thinking:

  • Jewelry.  Every market will have multiple vendors selling a variety of rings, earrings, necklaces.sell crafts amazon
  • Kitchen Items.  Everything from embroidered dish towels to hand carved wooden salad tongs.
  • Home Decor.  Wall plaques, knick knacks, accessories for every room in the house!
  • Bed and Bath.  Soaps, Bath bombs, bath salts, hand towels, spa items.
  • Kids.  Hair bows and pins, hats and jackets, unique wooden toys and puzzles.
  • Seasonal.  The winter craft markets are a feast for the eyes!  Christmas tree decorations,  stockings, hangings, cards, table decor, gift items.
  • Wholesalers/Manufacturers.  Yes, some of them attend your local markets as well! Sometimes they are there to liquidate a product or two. You just never know what you will find there!

amazon fba gift packOk, so you have identified something you think has potential made by a crafter, now what!?  Most likely you can assume that the person working the table is also the maker.  How do you approach them?

  • Pick your time.  Don’t try to engage them when they have a rush of customers.
  • Ask questions!  This is always a great way to start up a conversation.  It shows you are interested in them and their product and most times they will love to talk about their products! I try to find out as much as possible before I pop the question.  This also gives me a few moments to make a judgement call as to if I even want to work with this person.
  • Tell them about what you do and ask if they have ever considered selling their items online.  At this point you might get some stories of failed eBay or Etsy efforts.  Keep in mind that just because that didn’t work out for them does not mean its a bad product choice.  Most people are just not cut out for eCommerce.
  • Pop the Question! At this point I usually will ask them if they would have the ability to produce 100 (or whatever the number is that you are thinking you’d like to try out).  Depending on what the item is I might say something like this:  “Mary, I am working on some Mother’s Day gift packs for my Amazon store and I think your embroidered towels would be perfect! Are you able to make 20 pink and 20 purple?”.
  • Be professional and friendly no matter what the answer is. They might get excited and say yes right away and then you can go on to negotiate price and make arrangements.  Or they may never have considered this before and want to think it over.  Or maybe they will just flat out say no because they think online business is a scam.  In all cases, give them your card, thank them for their time and wish them luck in their business. You never know, they might call you later.

Why buy from Crafters and Artisans?

  • Win/Win.  You get something you need for a Bundle or Gift Pack and they get much needed business.  sell craft amazonMany of these people are home with small children and this is their income source.  Or if might be a much needed second income.
  • Custom colors and sizes.  With one of my crafters I was able to bring over some lace sponges and she matched up all the colors to make her items for me and it made my bundles look gorgeous!
  • Accessibility.  I am able to pick up the phone and call these people like friends.  We even discuss new ideas.  For example when I noticed that red and black plaid was trending, I mentioned it to people I knew who were making things and they all made sure they were ready with items for their fall sales. And vice versa, I get calls and emails from them letting me know what they are working on in case I need something.
  • Lock down your bundle on Amazon with a unique item. It’s way better to be the only seller on the listing and this is one easy way to make that happen!

So maybe you have seen some items at a local craft market or even on Etsy.  They won’t have UPC codes, they won’t be packaged or labeled.  How do you go about selling these on Amazon?  Everything you need to know to get these products into a gift pack or bundle Amazon ready is right in the Amazon Bundle Masterclass.  Start your 2018 with a plan to succeed!

Maybe this is just all too much for you and you just want a list of wholesale suppliers to call.  Since I am Canadian I prefer a Canadian list of wholesalers who are already vetted for AmazonYou can order that here.

If you already know what to do, then great!  I hope I gave you some new sourcing ideas! Opportunities are truly all around us, we just need to open our eyes and see them!



Amazon Bundle Masterclass Review

My Review of Barbara Drazga’s Amazon Bundle Masterclass

Amazon Bundle MasterclassAmazon Bundling – The Bundle Masterclass

AKA: The Amazon Bundling Course I Almost Didn’t Take!

Why do I say that about the Amazon Bundling Masterclass?  Well I almost made the same mistake that many of you might make and I’m sure glad I didn’t!  

You see, I have been selling bundles on Amazon for 2 years both on and  It is quite a large part of my income and I think I’m pretty good at it.  My percentage of bundle failure is extremely low (I define failure as a bundle not making profitable sales).  

I have even written an ebook called The Book of Bundles which has sold a few hundred copies.  So why pay for someone else’s Bundle class?

Here are the reasons why I took the class:

  • It is run by Barbara Drazga AKA The Deal Diva.  She is active in the Amazon FBA community, runs a weekly Happy Hour webinar, is killer at Amazon Bundle Masterclassmaking wholesale deals, makes her living in ecommerce and is an all around nice person.  And yes I have proof of that last statement:  I spotted her in Las Vegas at ASD (wholesale trade show) and caught her attention, she had no idea who I was and yet she stopped and asked how she could help me.  She directed me to some booths that would be good as a beginner to try and get some accounts.  How many other Amazon sellers would do that?
  • My bundles are mostly seasonal.  They fly in, make great money for that season (think Valentine, Easter, Fathers Day, etc), then they are gone and I have to come up with products for the next special day.  It’s like having to hit constant home runs.
  • The course outline talked about finding niche markets.  I am all about having many streams of income. I’m a huge fan of finding niches and uncovering the gold there from my experience earning income from product review websites. I brought my knowledge of niches and keywords into my Amazon FBA business and credit that with a lot of my success in this business.  So I am always on board to learn new things about developing niches.


I can’t tell you how happy I am that I took the Amazon Bundle Masterclass with Barbara!  While I did enjoy everything about it, I’m going to list my favorite parts below.

If you have already bought my ebook The Book of Bundling, then you have a great reference book of details on the basic concepts behind bundling, how to create a listing, how to set up a  basic PPC campaign, how to get a UPC exemption from Amazon, those sorts of things.  

But I’m guessing that many of you still don’t know where to start and are nervous about choosing bundles that won’t sell.  This is where Barbara’s Amazon Bundle Masterclass will shine for you.   There are more videos and webinars on how to find that niche than anything else and it will be time well invested!  I have a brand new niche that I had not even thought of that is going to keep me busy for years!

My Favorite Parts of the Amazon Bundle Masterclass

  • Niche Market Discovery.  This was the most intense part of the course for me, partly because it is something I am keenly interested in and partly because it was so well developed.  I think there were at least 8 sections to this module!  If you take the course and do nothing past Module 1, this information alone will pay for the course.  This is a tool you can bring to your Amazon business whether it’s RA, wholesale, PL , anything!  You will  learn how to discover and evaluate niche markets.  Once you have done that, finding the products to sell to them is easy and you will get a list of suppliers for that as well.
  • Weekly live webinars.  These were a lot of fun and it gave those of us who attended the chance to interact with Barbara and each other and ask questions about what we had learned that week.  If you couldn’t make it, they were recorded and the chat was saved.
  • Expert interviews.  One of the places where Barbara really excels is finding industry experts to engage with her audience.  She interviewed experts on keywords, product photography, optimizing listings and so on.  If those people had a tool or product to sell she would also try to negotiate a deal for those who wanted them.  Bundling can be done without any extra tools whatsoever, there was never any pressure to buy anything.  Now that I have added some research and productivity tools, I can tell you it sure is easier for me!
  • Competition Proofing a Bundle.  I was pretty good at keeping people out of my bundles before, but I learned a new trick here that blew me away and will make my going forward bundles absolutely bullet proof!  

Those were my favorite parts but you can check out the full course outline here.

Amazon Bundle MasterclassAs you can tell I am pretty pleased with all I learned in this class. Course enrollment only happens at certain intervals and there are class maximums.  If you try to enroll and the course is closed, you will have to wait for the next round but I can tell you the wait will be worth it!

Ready to Become a Master Bundler!?

Enroll in the Bundle Masterclass here.

Extra Bonus for my readers:  If you enroll in Barbara’s course using my link above, I will send you a free copy of my Book of Bundles.  It will be a great complimentary product to this course.

Canadians: Are you already good at doing Bundles for Amazon FBA?  Maybe you simply need a list of wholesale suppliers in Canada that are already vetted for Amazon?  You can buy that here.

Tradeshow Tips To Get Wholesale For Amazon

wholesale for amazonTradeshow Tips To Get Wholesale For Amazon

I have to say I really like going to tradeshows as a way to get wholesale for Amazon going!  I have been to a few small tradeshows but last month I attended the Big One, ASD in Las Vegas!

I am glad that I had already attended some smaller shows, and that I already had many wholesale suppliers for Amazon under my belt because I think that made it easier.  Sometimes it’s a matter of confidence!

I attended the Las Vegas show with the following intentions:

  • Start relationships with new suppliers
  • Find new sources for my bundles
  • Network with other sellers
  • Attend seminars to learn something new

I am happy to say that all of that was accomplished!

*NOTE* If you cannot attend trade shows, maybe you would rather just get a list of Canadian wholesale suppliers that are already vetted for Amazon?  You can check that out here!

Getting Wholesalers for Amazon!

So now that I have attended a few trade shows, both minor and now major, here are some things that I have learned along the way:

Attending the show in person is about building relationships.  It’s not about scanning the products they have in the booth.  They only bring a fraction of the products with them anyways!  You want to get their online product list so you can use your tools to scan them and evaluate that way.

Building relationships with suppliers is very productive at the smaller shows.  Find out if you have a smaller regional show that you can attend in your area, or something at least a reasonable drive even if you have to stay in a hotel overnight.

I have been attending these and there are some suppliers who know me on sight now. It’s a good feeling when they call you by name in the booth and are eager to show you their new ‘thing’.

You can benefit from the show without actually attending! Register for tradeshows both near and far even if you can’t go.  You will still get their vendor list.  There are literally thousands upon thousands of vendors out there! See more about this at the bottom of this post because the in person tradeshow is handled much different from working from a list and using email/phone calls.

If you are a Bundler use it to your advantage!  Yes, Amazon bundlers do have an advantage with wholesalers.  We can bring them more sales in some important ways.  We can make their products more attractive with bundling.  We can take a so so product and pair it with a hot product to increase sales.  We can create a hot selling ‘A’ product using some of their ‘B’ products.  Bundlers are the best thing a wholesaler can get, you just have to let them know!  It’s also good for us as a bundler because we can take all those products that other sellers pass over because the prices are too low, margins too low, etc and we can create bundles with higher ASPs.  If you are not bundling on Amazon you should be!  Read more about this here.

Do some prep work ahead of time.  Especially for the bigger shows!  There is no way to talk to all of the vendors at some of these shows, you have to know who you want to visit in advance.  Go through the vendor list and use any search features you can to narrow it down to the ones that are in your niche.

For Las Vegas ASD there were 2600 vendors!  Even when I narrowed it down by my niches it was still too many.  I had a VA help me by checking out the websites of those I wanted to see.  She used my criteria I had given her to shortlist the vendors so that I knew I could focus on getting to those particular ones.

Decide ahead of time what you will or will not tell them about your selling platform.  Some vendors flat out will not deal with Amazon sellers.  Personally I would rather know that up front.  I don’t want to waste time in a booth, maybe even get myself registered with them and evaluate products only to find out they won’t sell to me.  Or even worse, find out after I have placed an order.  For me personally, I tell them right up front that I don’t have a traditional store and that I am an e-commerce seller using  multiple platforms to get the most eyes on their products.  It seems to be well received.

Anticipate other questions as well.  The most common question I get when I enter a booth is ‘What kind of business do you have?’.  Don’t be evasive or say I’m an Amazon seller.  That’s not what they mean anyways.  That would be like saying I’m a brick & mortar store seller.  What kind!?  So think about how you want to portray yourself to potential suppliers.  ‘I specialize in pet products’ or ‘I am a toy seller’.  You may sell all kinds of other things too but it’s good to appear confident and if you have a main niche or even aspire to a certain niche, then use that!

Ask them questions about their products.  When you meet a wholesale rep for the first time, don’t ask their terms right out of the gate.  That negotiation comes later.  Ask them to tell you about the products. (Even if you already know about them).  You are building rapport and want to let them talk.  Listen carefully and take notes if you are a note taker.

Getting Wholesalers for Amazon from a List

So for those that cannot attend an in person tradeshow, you can work from the vendor lists. In the case of ASD, there are thousands of vendors and you can use their search features to narrow down by category and search terms.

In a case like this, you are basically going to their site and looking for ‘Wholesale’ tab.  It might say ‘Become a retailer’ or ‘Wholesale accounts’ or something to that affect.  That section of the site will give you instructions.  It might just be a name and a phone number, or it might even be an application and all you have to do is fill it out and submit.  I have been approved this way for many accounts without ever speaking to a single person.

Get into a Wholesale Mastermind group.  Most of the good ones are a monthly paid group.  I was in one for awhile and it was ok, but eventually I left because I didn’t feel like I was getting any value.  Now I am in Duncan MacPherson’s group and talk about value!  Every day he posts a link to a new wholesaler who is Amazon friendly!  In the other group I never got that!  The core of the group are experienced sellers with wholesale experience, so you can ask questions and get advice on how to approach the vendors, things to ask, and so on.

In summary, I wish I had known sooner how easy it was to do wholesale for Amazon FBA.  Don’t let your fears stand in the way of building a solid business.  Everyone has to get that first wholesale account and once you get one, you can get a hundred and then a thousand!

Just get started!







How to Create Bundles for Amazon

Create Bundles for AmazonHow to Create Bundles for Amazon

So I guess bundling has become a thing for me. Early on in my Amazon selling journey (2014) I somehow decided I would create bundles for Amazon just to play around.  And even though my first few attempts were bulky and had terrible pictures, they sold and I understood that I was on to something.

Although Q4 is a wonderful thing and almost everything sells, the rest of the online sales year is not quite as terrific if you are new and dealing with competition.  That is, unless you plan for it and take advantage of the seasonal gift giving opportunities that can make selling bundles on Amazon so lucrative!

So, can you make money selling gift baskets online?

Yes!  I just received my biggest non Q4 payout ever and it was in February.  What happens in February? gift baskets on amazon Valentine’s Day!  And I have to say that I expect the same thing in March and April due to St. Patricks Day and then Easter.

And why not just source single items for these holidays and sell those?  Well of course I do that as well. But for those sales I am also competing against many other sellers, some of whom don’t know how to share the buy box and feel they have to be the lowest in order to sell.  This usually creates a price war and what we call the race to the bottom. Very frustrating.  Exactly why I focus and create bundles for Amazon instead.  I much prefer to be the only seller!

I have written an ebook to teach you how to do the same.  I had quite the learning curve with bundles and you can read about some of my failures in this article I wrote. This ebook will teach you some valuable tips and tricks that I have learned along the way!

Bundle opportunities are just so endless, so I do not fear competition in the least!  You can send 10 people into the same shop and ask them to choose 3 items to bundle together and I’d be very surprised if any of them showed up with the same 3 items.  I am always amazed when I browse Amazon and see the diversity and creativity of bundles.

Here is what I teach in my new ebook:

  • What are bundles and why you should use them
  • Types of bundles and why you want to include each of them in your inventory
  • My Bundle Checklist for Success
  • How to come up with Bundle Ideas
  • How to figure out if people will buy your bundles
  • Bundles costs to consider and how to price your bundle to sell
  • The two most important factors that will determine your bundle success
  • How to get great images
  • How to create a bundle listing
  • Keywords for your bundle
  • UPC’s for your bundle
  • Packaging and shipping bundles
  • How to keep your competitors away from your bundles
  • Sourcing tips for bundle components
  • How to set up a sponsored ad
  • Using social media to market bundles

I also include examples from Amazon and from my own experience.

If you are tired of dealing with 100 sellers on every listing, then you owe it to your business to learn about bundles and see if they could work for you!

Good luck with this new lease on life for your Amazon FBA business!

Wholesale for Amazon FBA

buy wholesale sell amazonLearning Wholesale for Amazon FBA

If there is one single thing that has taken my online retail business to a whole new level it is when I learned how to do wholesale for Amazon FBA.

Like many Amazon sellers I started out as an eBay refugee, discouraged by slow sales and having to deal with my own packing and shipping and customer service. Amazon FBA changed all of that in a heartbeat for me.  But my sales were faster than my ability to source good inventory, especially since I had kids and a full time job.

To me the solution was to take my business from hobby to serious by sourcing wholesale products.  It just made a whole lot of sense and was the logical next step for me.

 Wholesale Sourcing: A Step-by-Step Guide for eCommerce Businesses

The question was how to make that start! I didn’t know anything about it.

They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears and right around that time I saw a discussion in one of the Facebook groups that Amazon sellers Donna Flack and Charlene Anderson had just published a book about wholesale for Amazon FBA and it came with 3 months in their private Facebook group.

So I bought it. It was expensive but there is a cheaper Kindle version and being in the group was good while it lasted. I expected that they would let me know when my 3 months was up and tell me how to pay the $20 monthly fee to stay in the group but one day I was just no longer in the group without so much as even a message! So I either missed the information or I just don’t know! It left me feeling a bit funny about them.

But that said, the book did help me make a start and I obtained my first couple of wholesale accounts.  It covers an extensive amount about tradeshows which was very valuable.

So what am I recommending now for wholesale FBA sourcing?

Wholesale for Amazon FBAMy friend Duncan who wrote an amazing ebook on how to sell on from Canada has now finished his new ebook called The Wholesale Truth. Not only is this ebook easily accessible through his website, you can also talk to Duncan about getting some personal coaching on wholesale and getting into his private wholesale group. You will find that he is very accessible.

You can check out his FBA website right here.

I have the book and was able to read it in an evening and even though a lot of it was review for me and I already had some wholesale accounts and experience, I did learn some new things.

One of the tips that I got from the book actually helped me to land a really tough wholesale account who emphatically told me ‘No Amazon sellers!’.  Except me now  🙂

Here is what you will learn about wholesale for Amazon FBA in this book:

*IMPORTANT UPDATE*  You can now either just buy the Wholesale Truth ebook or you can join the Wholesale mastermind Facebook group.  Every day Duncan posts a new Amazon friendly wholesaler you can sign up with!  I have several new ones now that I didn’t even know existed!


  • Why you need to source wholesale. Amazon is making it harder for average sellers and Retail Arbitrage is becoming riskier with Amazon’s new rules.
  • Where to find wholesalers.  Where to find them both online and offline.
  • Creating a Professional Appearance.  This section covers email addresses, domains, what documents you will need to present yourself to them as an actual business.
  • Types of Wholesalers. Not everyone who calls themselves a ‘wholesaler’ is actually a true wholesaler. Many new sellers get caught in this net!
  • The best ways to contact wholesalers and starting that all important first conversation.  Do you call, email, stalk them?  What happens if you get one on the phone?  This section helps you prepare for questions they might ask you.
  • Negotiating terms and conditions and doing business with them. Know all the abbreviations and wholesale ‘lingo’ so that you will appear to be a seasoned pro!  What questions to ask them , what things you will want to know before ordering.
  • Advanced sourcing techniques. So now that you have the account, how do you know what to order?  Some of my wholesalers have 10’s of thousands of products in their catalogue.  You need to figure out how to analyze products, how to use alternative methods to deal with products that might be more profitable as White label or a bundle.

The Wholesale Truth contains exactly what a person who has never done wholesale needs to know to get started.  And if you want both the book and the Wholesale Mastermind group then click here.

Are you a Canadian needed a list of whole suppliers already vetted for Amazon?  Check that out here!

I hope you will check out my other articles about selling Amazon FBA!

Printing Amazon FBA Labels

Things to know about Selling on Amazon FBA in Canada

Lessons Learned in Shipping

The Importance of Having a Niche for Amazon


The Wholesale Truth

Learning How To Sell Items On Amazon

How To Sell Items on AmazonLearning How to Sell Items on Amazon

So, you heard about this whole Amazon FBA thing and now you are wondering how to get started and just exactly how to sell items on Amazon.  At first it can seem so overwhelming!

Are there ways to learn how to sell items on Amazon for free or very cheap?  Of course!  I am going to provide you with a list of ways to learn Amazon FBA for free.  Many people do exactly that.  There are drawbacks of course, and I want to make sure you know what they are and what to watch out for.

I will also talk about the ways you can build your Amazon FBA business much faster by using books, other paid resources and even some Amazon FBA coaching.

Learn How to Sell Items on Amazon for Free

Amazon FBA Blogs

There are many Amazon FBA blogs out there  (like this one you are reading now!).  My biggest issue with trying to keep a blog going is that you get so busy selling and doing the actual work that writing articles is hard to keep up.  But bloggers are a special kind of person who are natural teachers and helpers and so they try to find time to get it done! You can bookmark these Amazon FBA blogs  and follow them and get lots of great free information from them. These people are FBA sellers themselves and know the ropes.  Some of them have areas of specialty which can be invaluable to your business.  These are my favorite Amazon FBA blogs that I follow and recommend:

Marketing Words blog  (Karon Thackston’s specialty is optimizing listings)

Full Time FBA This blog by seller Stephen Smotherman is chock full of tips and great information Cynthia Stine know books and even more important she knows everything about preventing account suspension and helping you out of a mess if you do get suspended.  I have two of her books and they are well worth having in your Amazon FBA library.

How I Turned $200 into $40,000 Gross Sales My First Year in Part-Time Online Sales!How I Turned $200 into $40,000 Gross Sales My First Year in Part-Time Online Sales!Suspension Prevention: Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Seller AccountSuspension Prevention: Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Seller Account


Amazon FBA Facebook Groups

When I first starting selling there were just a couple really large Facebook groups.  Now there are so many it’s hard to keep track of and it’s hard to recommend any particular one.  I am listing a few here for your own perusal.

While these groups are a great way to glean a lot of useful information, here are a few things that I have noticed and you should be aware of:

  • It’s easy to spend all your time on Facebook groups ‘in the research phase’ and never actually start your business
  • Facebook seems to attract a lot of drama seekers and trolls.  These groups have their share of both.
  • Negativity can derail you before you even get started.  I have seen people in groups talk themselves and everyone else out of doing this business.
  • Beware of the blind leading the blind.  People sometimes share stuff that is downright wrong! And some do it with seeming authority!  Do not believe everything you read on the internet (and that includes my stuff, see my next point below) without doing your own research.  Check your facts always.  Ask Amazon!
  • Rules and policy are constantly changing.  Even trusted people sometimes post things that might have been true a short time ago but are not anymore.  Again, do your due diligence, ultimately YOU are the one responsible to know Amazon policies and follow them.  They don’t take ‘I didn’t know’ as a valid reason to let you keep your account if you unknowingly break the rules.

Is there anything good about Amazon FBA facebook groups?  Why yes!  Keeping all the cautions in mind, there are good honest people who hang out in the groups.  They are generally less vocal than some because, well they are busy doing this business!  You will eventually learn who are the genuine helpful people and who are the posers.

Amazon FBA groups

Scanpower – This group is run by Chris Green.  Many people consider him to be the Father of FBA and while he didn’t invent it, he has been teaching and writing about it for several years.  I have read his books and I suggest that you do the same!  His group is very large and as such requires some effort to weed through the crap and learn the good stuff, and his books will help do that for you.  I consider Chris Green and his books to be at the cornerstone of my own continuing education in Amazon FBA.  

If funds are tight, get Arbitrage and Retail Arbitrage, they are around $10 each and worth ten times that.  Online Arbitrage is pricey at around $100 but also well worth having and will pay for itself over and over.  Budget it in as a business expense when you get your next Amazon payout.

Arbitrage: The authoritative guide on how it works, why it works, and how it can work for youArbitrage: The authoritative guide on how it works, why it works, and how it can work for youRetail Arbitrage: The Blueprint for Buying Retail Products to Resell OnlineRetail Arbitrage: The Blueprint for Buying Retail Products to Resell OnlineOnline Arbitrage: Sourcing Secrets for Buying Products Online to Resell for BIG PROFITSOnline Arbitrage: Sourcing Secrets for Buying Products Online to Resell for BIG PROFITS


Fast Turn Radio – Run by Duane Malek who specializes in the ‘Fast Turn’.  If you don’t know what that is then you need to join the group and pay attention to anything he posts.  He also does regular ‘shows’ that you can watch and learn as well.

My Silent Team – Run by Jim Cockrum of the famous Proven Amazon Course. There are over 25,000 members in this group.

eCommerce with Duncan Macpherson – This is a growing group with great information for Canadians who are selling on  I hang out in that group as well.

Those groups are free to join as well as many, many others.  You will hear about paid FBA Facebook groups. There are some good ones out there, as well as the bad.  Be sure to get recommendations from people already in. Paid groups can be good because they expand your horizons of places to source, things to source and the many possibilities of this business.








How To Sell On Amazon From Canada

sell on amazon from canada
So you want to sell on Amazon from Canada?

I have to admit, I was so very intimidated by this when I first started selling on Amazon as a Canadian.

We of course do have and we have 4 or 5 warehouses here in Canada.

But I can assure you that selling on is nothing like selling in the US on

You really do want to get your products in from of all those Americans!  Our market here is so small, it is really like selling only in California and not having access to the other 49 states.

In addition, Canadians just haven’t embraced this whole online shopping thing in the same way that the Americans have.  We are in our infancy here when it comes to shopping online!

What is the biggest obstacle to selling on from Canada ?


Yup. It’s the border. Oh the questions I had! Plus I imagined soldiers with guns just waiting for me and selling on from canadamy dubious paperwork and incorrect declarations!

  • Can a Canadian seller send stuff to the US warehouses? (Yes!)
  • How do you drive inventory over the border?
  • How do you send inventory over the border?
  • What are the best and cheapest options?
  • How much dollar value can I send?
  • Do I need a broker?
  • Do I have to pay duty?
  • Can I shop in the US and send to a US warehouse? How?

Questions like this and my fears about the border held my progress back for a year!

If you are a Canadian with dreams about selling in the US,  you can learn how to sell on Amazon step by step.  All the paperwork, all the ins and outs of getting goods over the border, all the various options. It’s all here in this ebook from fellow Canadian seller Duncan MacPherson.  I wish I had it 2 years ago.  It has everything you need to know and answered all my questions listed above.

What’s Inside How To Sell On From Canada?

These are some of the topics covered in this ebook:

  • Registering your account
  • Where to find products to sell
  • Importing Products into the US from Canada
  • What you’ll need at the border
  • Forms and declarations
  • US bank accounts and credit cards
  • Prep and Ship companies
  • Freight forwarders (so you don’t have to cross the border!)
  • A list of Prep and Ship companies
  • A list of websites both Canadian and US where you can source products

Like I said, I sure I wish I had this 2 years ago!  Duncan has laid out the groundwork for you to get started without all the hitches and setbacks that I had and that I know he also had in the beginning.

Order Duncan’s book here.

Would you like to have a list of Canadian wholesale suppliers that are already vetted for AmazonYou can check that out here!

My Other Articles for Selling on Amazon for Beginners

How to Start selling on Amazon with no money  (I did it!)

How a Niche can help your Amazon business

Things to know about selling on Amazon Canada

Things I’ve learned about prepping shipments  and FBA labeling

I hope this information helps you to figure out how to sell on Amazon from Canada and that there are people out there doing it and so can you!  Good luck!



Make Money With Merch by Amazon

Make Money With Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon ReviewThere is yet another way to make money by Amazon!  People who do Zazzle will love this because Amazon now has their own POD (Print on Demand) program called Merch by Amazon.

If you are currently doing POD on Zazzle, Café Press, Society 6 you will want to take a look because Amazon has the market share to pull this off and you can make money with merch by Amazon too.

Cupcake Demon Shirt by Serafiume

I am pretty excited about this because Zazzle has become a nice little steady income stream but so many people don’t even know what it is!

Three days ago I uploaded this image to Merch by Amazon that my son designed a few years ago. This has been sitting on Zazzle for 3 years without a single sale.

Today on Amazon it sold. Three days.

You can bet that I am going to be busy over the next few days! Not only that, the royalty is about 40% and up. To get this much royalty on Zazzle you would need to sell the shirt for way too high a price to ever get sales.

You won’t be abandoning Zazzle because right now Merch by Amazon is still in it’s infancy and the program is only a few months old at the time of writing this article.  While Zazzle has POD products that you have not even thought of yet, Amazon has only tshirts and nothing else.  Not even a mug!  But I’m sure that will change over time.

How Do You Make Money with Amazon Merch?

  • First you need an invitation and you need to let them know you want to be invited!  So do that right away  atmerch by amazon because it took 3 months for me to finally get my approval.
  • While you are waiting to be approved, start getting some designs ready to upload.
  • Basically, you will upload your images onto the Merch by Amazon board and place it on a tshirt, choosing up to 5 colors (at this time) per shirt design.  Submit your design to the marketing machine that is Amazon and watch the dashboard for your royalties!

How is Merch by Amazon different from Zazzle?

This section is for those of you currently using Zazzle. There are a few differences both good and bad.

  • The royalties are higher, much higher.  My son made $8 on a $19.99 shirt. You can price the shirts higher than that and Amazon’s portion doesn’t change, so you can make more than 40%.
  • You can have private listings so if you design a special shirt for a private function or group, you can sell those shirts at cost if you want and they are also not in the marketplace.  Just give your group the URL for ordering.
  • You don’t have an actual store front like you do on Zazzle or on Amazon as a normal Amazon third party seller.  Amazon is the store front and is selling your shirt.
  • There isn’t as yet a place to put behind the scenes keyword phrases as there is with product listings.
  • There are only 2 items, a relaxed fit shirt or a closer fitting shirt.  No long sleeve shirts or tanks or hoodies.  I think this will come in time.

What Do I Need to Make Money With Merch By Amazon ?

Not a whole heck of a lot!

That is the beauty of it!  You can finally sell on Amazon without buying any Inventory!  All you need is images just like on Zazzle.  You can use your own photos, artwork and made up images and slogans.  I use Photoshop Elements as it gives you the power of Photoshop but it’s not overkill.  You get exactly what you need.  You can also use Gimp which is free.

Amazon provides templates that you can download into photoshop, adobe and gimp.  All you need after that is your imagination!

I did buy this Merch Life book to get me started.  Each page in the book has a link to a short video to walk you through the steps.  I also highly, highly recommend Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative.  And no, it’s not about stealing, it’s about finding your own creativity and is very inspiring!

Merch Life: An Introduction to Using Merch By Amazon to Design Shirts and Make MoneyAdobe Photoshop Elements 14Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative


Well, I hope to be writing more about how to make money with Amazon merch as I get more into it and figure out what sells and what doesn’t!  I just wanted to tell you right away so that you can get your invitation in there!

Happy Merch Life!

How To Earn Cash Online with Ebates!

how to earn cash online with ebatesAre You Earning Cash Online with Ebates!?

I am about to give you some very good news and yet another stream of income to add to your arsenal of how to earn cash online. If you have never heard of ebates before, this will blow your mind!


Last week I got a cheque in the mail in the amount of $1.59. I staredHow to Earn Cash Online with Ebates at it for a few minutes wondering why on earth? How on earth? And then it hit me! I had signed up for ebates and I forgot about it, except for this one purchase I made and then got paid for with my $1.59 cheque. So why am I so excited about a lousy $1.59?

Having just done my quarterly taxes for my online Amazon FBA business, it dawned on me just how much money I had left on the table! Last October through December  I could have earned somewhere around $700! For doing what I was already doing anyways!

And that is just my business purchases!  What about all the times I have ordered online for gifts, collectibles and other hard to find items or just about anything on thousands of sites!

The good news is that just in the last week or so, I have earned another $36 in ebates.  I figure that this will be another $100 a month in my pocket of what is basically FREE MONEY!

The Ebates Cash Back Toolbar

This is by far the easiest way to use Ebates.  This Ebates plugin is available for Chrome and Firefox.  It sits on your toolbar waiting to point out cash back opportunities.  So let’s say you decide to check something out at Macy’s.  As soon as you pull up the Macys website, you get this reminder that there is cashback to be had.  All you have to do is click the giant red button and continue your shopping!  The Ebates Cash Back Toolbar will even let you know if there are any coupons available!

ebates cash back toolbar
By the way, I thought I had to download the toolbar for both Canada and the US because I shop in both countries for my Amazon FBA business, but I noticed that I have money accumulating on both and! And it’s with one Ebates button, but you need an account on both sites. So if you are Canadian, here click on this little box to sign up and earn too!

How to Earn Cash OnlineWhat Retailers Are On the Ebates Stores List ?

A whole lot of them!  Big retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon.  Macy’s, Sephora, Ebay. In fact, there are over 1800 stores that you can shop online and earn cash from home in your pajamas!  Ebates will also make sure you know about coupons available and you can also take advantage of any online sales the retailer is having.

But wait, there’s more!

Once you are signed up with Ebates there is another way to earn cash.  Ebates will pay $5 when you refer a friend. How sweet is that!?

Ebates is a win/win situation.  Whether you are doing Online Arbitrage for your Amazon FBA business or ordering diapers and baby formula every week, Ebates can be like getting a bonus check every month!

Check out Ebates here and get ready for those Big Fat Cheques!

ebates button



Are you Canadian? If you shop online with Canadian retailers like Amazon and Walmart, you can get in on this too!

Happy Shopping!

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