Amazon Bundle Masterclass Review

My Review of Barbara Drazga’s Amazon Bundle Masterclass

Amazon Bundle MasterclassAmazon Bundling – The Bundle Masterclass

AKA: The Amazon Bundling Course I Almost Didn’t Take!

Why do I say that about the Amazon Bundling Masterclass?  Well I almost made the same mistake that many of you might make and I’m sure glad I didn’t!  

You see, I have been selling bundles on Amazon for 2 years both on and  It is quite a large part of my income and I think I’m pretty good at it.  My percentage of bundle failure is extremely low (I define failure as a bundle not making profitable sales).  

I have even written an ebook called The Book of Bundles which has sold a few hundred copies.  So why pay for someone else’s Bundle class?

Here are the reasons why I took the class:

  • It is run by Barbara Drazga AKA The Deal Diva.  She is active in the Amazon FBA community, runs a weekly Happy Hour webinar, is killer at Amazon Bundle Masterclassmaking wholesale deals, makes her living in ecommerce and is an all around nice person.  And yes I have proof of that last statement:  I spotted her in Las Vegas at ASD (wholesale trade show) and caught her attention, she had no idea who I was and yet she stopped and asked how she could help me.  She directed me to some booths that would be good as a beginner to try and get some accounts.  How many other Amazon sellers would do that?
  • My bundles are mostly seasonal.  They fly in, make great money for that season (think Valentine, Easter, Fathers Day, etc), then they are gone and I have to come up with products for the next special day.  It’s like having to hit constant home runs.
  • The course outline talked about finding niche markets.  I am all about having many streams of income. I’m a huge fan of finding niches and uncovering the gold there from my experience earning income from product review websites. I brought my knowledge of niches and keywords into my Amazon FBA business and credit that with a lot of my success in this business.  So I am always on board to learn new things about developing niches.


I can’t tell you how happy I am that I took the Amazon Bundle Masterclass with Barbara!  While I did enjoy everything about it, I’m going to list my favorite parts below.

If you have already bought my ebook The Book of Bundling, then you have a great reference book of details on the basic concepts behind bundling, how to create a listing, how to set up a  basic PPC campaign, how to get a UPC exemption from Amazon, those sorts of things.  

But I’m guessing that many of you still don’t know where to start and are nervous about choosing bundles that won’t sell.  This is where Barbara’s Amazon Bundle Masterclass will shine for you.   There are more videos and webinars on how to find that niche than anything else and it will be time well invested!  I have a brand new niche that I had not even thought of that is going to keep me busy for years!

My Favorite Parts of the Amazon Bundle Masterclass

  • Niche Market Discovery.  This was the most intense part of the course for me, partly because it is something I am keenly interested in and partly because it was so well developed.  I think there were at least 8 sections to this module!  If you take the course and do nothing past Module 1, this information alone will pay for the course.  This is a tool you can bring to your Amazon business whether it’s RA, wholesale, PL , anything!  You will  learn how to discover and evaluate niche markets.  Once you have done that, finding the products to sell to them is easy and you will get a list of suppliers for that as well.
  • Weekly live webinars.  These were a lot of fun and it gave those of us who attended the chance to interact with Barbara and each other and ask questions about what we had learned that week.  If you couldn’t make it, they were recorded and the chat was saved.
  • Expert interviews.  One of the places where Barbara really excels is finding industry experts to engage with her audience.  She interviewed experts on keywords, product photography, optimizing listings and so on.  If those people had a tool or product to sell she would also try to negotiate a deal for those who wanted them.  Bundling can be done without any extra tools whatsoever, there was never any pressure to buy anything.  Now that I have added some research and productivity tools, I can tell you it sure is easier for me!
  • Competition Proofing a Bundle.  I was pretty good at keeping people out of my bundles before, but I learned a new trick here that blew me away and will make my going forward bundles absolutely bullet proof!  

Those were my favorite parts but you can check out the full course outline here.

Amazon Bundle MasterclassAs you can tell I am pretty pleased with all I learned in this class. Course enrollment only happens at certain intervals and there are class maximums.  If you try to enroll and the course is closed, you will have to wait for the next round but I can tell you the wait will be worth it!

Ready to Become a Master Bundler!?

Enroll in the Bundle Masterclass here.

Extra Bonus for my readers:  If you enroll in Barbara’s course using my link above, I will send you a free copy of my Book of Bundles.  It will be a great complimentary product to this course.

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2 Responses to Amazon Bundle Masterclass Review

  1. Jim Pereversoff says:

    Hi Anita
    Read your great review on Barbara’s Master Bundler Training and I signed up with your affiliate link.
    You mentioned that you would send me your great book on bundling also.
    I also am Canadian and am hoping there is some reference to some Canadian tools. (Scope not supported in Canada)
    Thanks Jim

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