Make Money With Merch by Amazon

Make Money With Merch by Amazon There is yet another way to make money by Amazon!  People who do Zazzle will love this because Amazon now has their own POD (Print on Demand) program called Merch by Amazon. If you are currently doing POD on Zazzle, Café Press, Society 6 you will want to take a look because Amazon has the market share to pull this off and you can make money with merch by Amazon too. Cupcake Demon Shirt … Continue reading

How To Earn Cash Online with Ebates!

Are You Earning Cash Online with Ebates!? I am about to give you some very good news and yet another stream of income to add to your arsenal of how to earn cash online. If you have never heard of ebates before, this will blow your mind!   Last week I got a cheque in the mail in the amount of $1.59. I stared at it for a few minutes wondering why on earth? How on earth? And then it … Continue reading

Learn to Blog For Money!

Learn to Blog For Money! Do you have a blog?  Why did you start that blog?  I am fairly active in  several blogging groups and there is such a diversity of people of various ages, backgrounds and motivations who call themselves bloggers.  Precious few make any money blogging.  Most of those would say that they don’t do it for the money.  Yet, with a few tweaks here and there they could actually learn to blog for money. Is there anything wrong with … Continue reading

How to Make Money Writing Blogs

How to Make Money Writing Blogs Is it really true that if you write it they will come?  Well, the answer to that is only if you are lucky. Really lucky. How to Make Money Writing Blogs is another installment in my ‘Ways to Earn Online‘ series.  I have to admit, this one seemed so obvious that I have never actually written about it!  Yet, when I am out there in the online communities of bloggers, I am aware that … Continue reading

How a Niche Can Help Your Amazon FBA Business

Many people are surprised that I don’t have a scanner app for my Amazon FBA business. (If you are new to Amazon FBA, a scanner app allows you to scan products in the store to see if you can make a profit on them). I actually did have one, I bought Profit Bandit when it was $14.99 but then sometime over the summer I lost access to it when I upgraded my phone. I might get it again, but to … Continue reading

Shareasale Affiliate Program

I felt that it was time to write about just how much I love the Shareasale Affiliate Program.  It is one of those programs that can work for you behind the scenes, completely forgotten and the money just randomly comes in when you least expect it.  That is really, really nice. That happened to me just this week.  An unexpected Shareasale payment out of nowhere.  I have been running around working on my eBay store and my Amazon FBA business, … Continue reading

The World’s Best Tool For Keyword Research

I have been looking at Jaaxy for months now after I kept hearing it referred to as the best keyword research tool on the market.  Everybody says that right? I finally took the leap of faith and jumped in.  Now I’m kicking myself for waiting so long.  What a timesaver! I own several websites and I have a backlog of articles because I have yet to do the all important keyword research.  And let me stress just how important that … Continue reading

What is Zazzle ?

What is Zazzle? Of the many ways to earn online, Zazzle has been one of those unexpected gifts.  Even though I have not touched my Zazzle account in at least 6 months, I consistently make 1 to 3 sales each week.  I really need to make some time to update my account and throw a few more creations on there! Zazzle is basically a Print on Demand (POD) company.  You select items you want such as an iPhone case, or … Continue reading

I Like to Work in My Pajamas

John and Yoko did it. In fact they were masters at marketing.  Working at home in my pajamas has been a goal of mine for quite some time.   Although, unlike John and Yoko, I have no desire to invite the press into my bedroom! But like many people in the world today, I have a laptop in my bed.  And that laptop is an incredibly powerful tool.  Oh sure I can play Candy Crush or Farmsville.  I can have … Continue reading

Tapping for Abundance

I first heard of tapping in 2011 on a trip to Maui.  I was with a group of about 12 people who all stayed together in a gorgeous house on the golf course at Ka’anapali. I had met one of the women only recently and felt very connected to her.  One of those things you just can’t explain but you know it when you see it! She was an artist, raw foodist  and musician and so it was no surprise to … Continue reading

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