Learn to Blog For Money!

Learn to Blog For Money! Do you have a blog?  Why did you start that blog?  I am fairly active in  several blogging groups and there is such a diversity of people of various ages, backgrounds and motivations who call themselves bloggers.  Precious few make any money blogging.  Most of those would say that they don’t do it for the money.  Yet, with a few tweaks here and there they could actually learn to blog for money. Is there anything wrong with … Continue reading

How to Make Money Writing Blogs

How to Make Money Writing Blogs Is it really true that if you write it they will come?  Well, the answer to that is only if you are lucky. Really lucky. How to Make Money Writing Blogs is another installment in my ‘Ways to Earn Online‘ series.  I have to admit, this one seemed so obvious that I have never actually written about it!  Yet, when I am out there in the online communities of bloggers, I am aware that … Continue reading

Getting Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog – Part 1

Getting Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog I spent a year on Pinterest with a couple of boards and a handful of followers and kept saying “I don’t get it, what’s the big deal about Pinterest?”.  Then one day I needed a decorating idea and someone said, Oh Just use the search bar on Pinterest.  And my life changed.  Well, at least my blogging life. Pinterest is the number one way that I get traffic to two of my websites and … Continue reading

Do You Leave Comment Spam?

Do You Leave Comment Spam? I am sure that your first reaction to that was ‘Of course not!’.  Most of us have been spammed not only in our Facebook newsfeed, but also on Twitter, LinkedIn and of course direct to our email boxes! And any of us who have blogs have discovered that we are a favorite target of spammers.  If you have a blog I am positive you would have received a comment like this one: Oh your beautiful … Continue reading

I Like to Work in My Pajamas

John and Yoko did it. In fact they were masters at marketing.  Working at home in my pajamas has been a goal of mine for quite some time.   Although, unlike John and Yoko, I have no desire to invite the press into my bedroom! But like many people in the world today, I have a laptop in my bed.  And that laptop is an incredibly powerful tool.  Oh sure I can play Candy Crush or Farmsville.  I can have … Continue reading

So Now You Have Your Own Website. But Is It Really Yours?

Your Idea! So there you are. — You have the best idea for a wonderful, beautiful website. The one that will get your idea, your passion or your business out there for all the world to see. The problem is… How do you get your idea out to the world for all to see? The Simple Solution For many of us, we choose to use something that is fairly easy to do.  We set up an account with Blogspot, WordPress.com, … Continue reading

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