Tapping for Abundance

I first heard of tapping in 2011 on a trip to Maui.  I was with a group of about 12 people who all stayed together in a gorgeous house on the golf course at Ka’anapali. I had met one of the women only recently and felt very connected to her.  One of those things you just can’t explain but you know it when you see it! She was an artist, raw foodist  and musician and so it was no surprise to … Continue reading

Secret Internet Marketing Tool #1!

I recently attended a three day intense Internet Marketing course. On the first day the instructor had the obligatory chart up on the wall with the usual “In this course you will learn the following yada, yada, yada” . There was SEO, Google, WordPress, all the expected items, no surprises here. But what was unexpected and on the list was a secret internet marketing tool called mindset. And I have to admit, that even the self-proclaimed mindset and self development junkie … Continue reading

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