Printing Amazon FBA Labels

Printing Amazon FBA Labels One thing that I notice a lot when I am interacting in the online Amazon seller’s community, is questions and confusion about labeling for Amazon FBA. Do I put my own label on, do I cover the existing UPC, can I put the label on the bubble wrap, what printer, do I co-mingle or not co-mingle, so many questions!  I am going to try to clear this all up right here and now! Amazon FBA Labels … Continue reading

How to Set Your Black Friday Amazon Deals for FBA

This is a quick blog post for the members of Amazon Sales Ninja’s Facebook Group.  Black Friday is coming up quick and not everyone knows how to put their items on sale.  I have spent the morning setting up my Black Friday Amazon deals and it’s easy although a little tedious if you have lots of items to mark down. I’m sure the big sellers have software to do this for them but I’m not getting software for the less … Continue reading

Do You Leave Comment Spam?

Do You Leave Comment Spam? I am sure that your first reaction to that was ‘Of course not!’.  Most of us have been spammed not only in our Facebook newsfeed, but also on Twitter, LinkedIn and of course direct to our email boxes! And any of us who have blogs have discovered that we are a favorite target of spammers.  If you have a blog I am positive you would have received a comment like this one: Oh your beautiful … Continue reading

So Now You Have Your Own Website. But Is It Really Yours?

Your Idea! So there you are. — You have the best idea for a wonderful, beautiful website. The one that will get your idea, your passion or your business out there for all the world to see. The problem is… How do you get your idea out to the world for all to see? The Simple Solution For many of us, we choose to use something that is fairly easy to do.  We set up an account with Blogspot,, … Continue reading

How To Pick A Secure Password

I just love this video clip from the movie Spaceballs. As usual, Mel Brooks really hits the nail on the head with this. So many people take the whole secure password issue so casually. I know someone that thought “password” was a rather clever password. The fact is that weak passwords are an invitation to thieves and hackers. And, since you are on the Internet that leaves you exposed to pretty much every dishonest person on the planet. There really … Continue reading

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