How Crafters and Artisans Can Help Boost Your Amazon FBA Business

selling crafts amazon                                                                                                                          How Crafters and Artisans Can Help Boost Your Amazon FBA Business

I’ve always enjoyed wandering around markets where local artisans sell their creations.  Did you know these crafters and artisans can help boost your Amazon FBA business? Seriously, you don’t have to fly across the country to find products to source.  Check your own back yard first!

What’s that you say!?  I have bundles, gift packs and even some single products that are locally produced by people in their homes, people that you can find at these markets.  This can (and should!) be a win/win situation for you as an Amazon seller and for them as a home based business.

To learn more about selling bundles and gift packs on Amazon click here to check out the Bundle Masterclass that I took and still use. 

Need some ideas?  Here’s a few to get you thinking:

  • Jewelry.  Every market will have multiple vendors selling a variety of rings, earrings, necklaces.sell crafts amazon
  • Kitchen Items.  Everything from embroidered dish towels to hand carved wooden salad tongs.
  • Home Decor.  Wall plaques, knick knacks, accessories for every room in the house!
  • Bed and Bath.  Soaps, Bath bombs, bath salts, hand towels, spa items.
  • Kids.  Hair bows and pins, hats and jackets, unique wooden toys and puzzles.
  • Seasonal.  The winter craft markets are a feast for the eyes!  Christmas tree decorations,  stockings, hangings, cards, table decor, gift items.
  • Wholesalers/Manufacturers.  Yes, some of them attend your local markets as well! Sometimes they are there to liquidate a product or two. You just never know what you will find there!

amazon fba gift packOk, so you have identified something you think has potential made by a crafter, now what!?  Most likely you can assume that the person working the table is also the maker.  How do you approach them?

  • Pick your time.  Don’t try to engage them when they have a rush of customers.
  • Ask questions!  This is always a great way to start up a conversation.  It shows you are interested in them and their product and most times they will love to talk about their products! I try to find out as much as possible before I pop the question.  This also gives me a few moments to make a judgement call as to if I even want to work with this person.
  • Tell them about what you do and ask if they have ever considered selling their items online.  At this point you might get some stories of failed eBay or Etsy efforts.  Keep in mind that just because that didn’t work out for them does not mean its a bad product choice.  Most people are just not cut out for eCommerce.
  • Pop the Question! At this point I usually will ask them if they would have the ability to produce 100 (or whatever the number is that you are thinking you’d like to try out).  Depending on what the item is I might say something like this:  “Mary, I am working on some Mother’s Day gift packs for my Amazon store and I think your embroidered towels would be perfect! Are you able to make 20 pink and 20 purple?”.
  • Be professional and friendly no matter what the answer is. They might get excited and say yes right away and then you can go on to negotiate price and make arrangements.  Or they may never have considered this before and want to think it over.  Or maybe they will just flat out say no because they think online business is a scam.  In all cases, give them your card, thank them for their time and wish them luck in their business. You never know, they might call you later.

Why buy from Crafters and Artisans?

  • Win/Win.  You get something you need for a Bundle or Gift Pack and they get much needed business.  sell craft amazonMany of these people are home with small children and this is their income source.  Or if might be a much needed second income.
  • Custom colors and sizes.  With one of my crafters I was able to bring over some lace sponges and she matched up all the colors to make her items for me and it made my bundles look gorgeous!
  • Accessibility.  I am able to pick up the phone and call these people like friends.  We even discuss new ideas.  For example when I noticed that red and black plaid was trending, I mentioned it to people I knew who were making things and they all made sure they were ready with items for their fall sales. And vice versa, I get calls and emails from them letting me know what they are working on in case I need something.
  • Lock down your bundle on Amazon with a unique item. It’s way better to be the only seller on the listing and this is one easy way to make that happen!

So maybe you have seen some items at a local craft market or even on Etsy.  They won’t have UPC codes, they won’t be packaged or labeled.  How do you go about selling these on Amazon?  Everything you need to know to get these products into a gift pack or bundle Amazon ready is right in the Amazon Bundle Masterclass.  Start your 2018 with a plan to succeed!

If you already know what to do, then great!  I hope I gave you some new sourcing ideas! Opportunities are truly all around us, we just need to open our eyes and see them!



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