My Failed Amazon FBA Bundles for Mother’s Day

failed amazon fba bundlesMy Failed Amazon FBA Bundles for Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Day Amazon FBA bundles didn’t turn out as expected. I’m not 100% sure why, so this article is really just me trying to explore the situation and hopefully learn from it for next year.

Those that know me and my store, know that I absolutely love making themed gift baskets, which in Amazon speak we refer to as Bundles.

On Amazon, a bundle is a group of two or more complimentary products. This is different from a multi-pack which is two or more of the same identical product.

Example of Bundles vs Multipacks. Three identical boxes of Oreo cookies would be a multipack, while a variety pack of three different flavours of Oreo cookies would be a bundle.

Please be sure to read up on Amazon’s policies regarding bundles and multipacks. Bundles and multipacks usually require various sizes of poly bags which I buy from Amazon of course!

My Successful Amazon FBA Bundles in 2015

In January 2015 I decided I was going to give themed gift baskets a try to take advantage of seasonal sales.

Update March 2017 – I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I wrote this article!  I sell more bundles than anything else on Amazon and I have learned a ton.  Please check out my new article about the Book of Bundles ebook that I have written!

The first seasonal sale period is Valentine’s Day.

I made 4 different varieties of bundle all consisting of a cute Valentine plush, some Chocolate and a few amazon fba bundlesvarious trinkets. They were in the Amazon FBA warehouse by mid January and began to sell within a few days of arrival even though they were new products that I created and would have had no ranking.   In fact, I sold the last one on something like February 3rd, so I could have probably doubled my inventory and still sold out.

Valentine’s Day Bundles:

  • Target buyer: Men buying for their wife or girlfriend
  • Presentation: Traditional Valentine pinks and reds, traditional product choice of cute plush and chocolate. Packaged ready to give, just add card.
  • Price Points: $25 to $35

The next seasonal sale I decided to hit was Easter

Amazon FBA bundlesAgain, I made 4 different varieties of Easter bundles. These all consisted of some kind of plush and of course chocolates and candies. I also threw in other novelties and trinkets. All sold out in plenty of time before Easter leaving me to think that next year I will increase my efforts there.

Easter Bundles

  • Target buyer: Parents buying for their kids
  • Presentation: Traditional Easter plush with pastel colors and lots of candies and chocolates. Packaged ready to give.
  • Price Points: $25 to $55

Spurred on by the success of Valentine and Easter gift baskets, it seemed like a no brainer to do Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a huge shopping day both online and offline. I made 3 different bundles.

Mother’s Day Bundles

Bundle #1: I found some ceramic measuring spoons and measuring cups at Michaels. They were sort of a Tuscan theme. I was lucky enough to also find some attractive gift boxes at the dollar store that were a perfect fit. This bundle sold out within a couple days of arrival.

Bundle #2: These were based on some high quality Kitchen Towels that I found at Winners with a great logo: “The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home”. I bundled them together with a bag of candy and a tea strainer in a cookie tin. Sold out.

Bundle #3: I thought this was going to be a big winner! The theme was “Strawberry Tea Social”. In failed amazon fba bundlesthe package was a bag of Strawberry Rooibus Tea, some strawberry candy, a silicone tea infuser shaped like a strawberry and a bag of strawberry vanilla course sugar. All packaged in a cookie tin. Only 3 out of 20 sold.

Mother’s Day Bundle specifics:

  • Target audience: Anybody with a mother, aunt, sister
  • Presentation: All of the items fit perfectly in that cookie tin, so it was ready for gift giving but I don’t think that was clear in the photos or the description. And in hindsight as I look at the listing there is a sickening amount of pink!  Also, I ordered Strawberry Rooibus Tea, which is what I got, but I have no idea why the package says ‘Good Luck!’
  • Price point: The bundles that sold out were $29.97 but the Strawberry Tea bundle was $39.95. I eventually dropped the price to $29.97 but that didn’t make a difference.

In hindsight, I am reminded of how important being targeted can be. Trying to appeal to a wide audience does not always translate well online. The measuring spoons/cups and the kitchen towels are very clearly something that you think of with Mother’s Day. Very traditional gift for Mom as opposed to the whole tea and cool infuser idea which is not so traditional.

What will I do with these 17 failed Amazon bundles?

Luckily it only costs 50 cents each to recall them back to my home. I plan to dismantle and sell as a tea bundle. I’ll save the tins for next year, and bundle up the tea and sugar with cellophane and ribbons and send back in. I’ll update this article with a progress report on that.

I still love doing bundles and plan to continue. In fact my Father’s Day bundles are already in the warehouse and have been there for 2 weeks without a sale.  Am I worried?  YES!  But now all I can do is wait and see.

Would love to hear any of your Amazon FBA bundles stories, both good and bad! Please leave me a comment!can you make money selling gift baskets

Read about my new ebook The Book of Bundles here

Other supplies you will need for prepping/shipping Amazon FBA

Printing Amazon FBA labels






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12 Responses to My Failed Amazon FBA Bundles for Mother’s Day

  1. Lesley Stevens says:

    That is interesting, are Mothers day gift baskets a hot item on Jaaxy? I’ve never looked. Valentine’s day and Easter but not Mothers Day.. hmm.. I also wonder what the top 100 lists looked like a couple days ago to see if it was Mothers day gifts at the top and if they were, what were they selling in them?

    You got me wondering too, you’ll bounce back though, I know it!

    • anitabreeze says:

      Ya, I was selling these in Canada so the top 100 lists are almost meaningless. You can make 1 sale of a bundle and show up in the Hot New Releases! It’s very weird.

      • Lesley Stevens says:

        You know? I didn’t even think of that being an issue. I’m curious to see how those Fathers Day bundles do, be sure to keep us informed 😉

  2. Ashley Keogh says:

    I’m glad that both your Easter and Valentines bundles sold out, and at least two of your Mother Day bundles sold. The niche sounds popular enough if 2/3 sold just that one bundle didn’t interest the audience as much maybe. I hope your Father Day bundles sell but I know it’s not as popular as Mother’s day. Either way you’ve learned a lot of lessons that can be applied later down the road.

    • anitabreeze says:

      I’m definitely a little worried about the Father’s Day bundles. But they are very much summer BBQ oriented so maybe they will sell for other reasons.

  3. Melanie Bremner says:

    It’s been awhile now since Father’s Day so I was wondering if you had an update on your sales with those. I am new to FBA but used to sell on ebay, Etsy and my own site. I was thinking about getting into creating bundles for various holidays and events as well. I appreciate the info you gave and ideas to run with.

    • Anita says:

      Actually my Father’s Day bundles did extremely well so go figure! I’m sorry I did not see this comment sooner, my notifications seem to be messed!

      In spite of those Mother’s Day bundles being a flop, I still love bundles and they give us a great ROI!

  4. Debra Judge says:

    Great article! So, do you have to make a new listing and apply your own purchased UPC code? I am new to this, so I would not be approved for food yet, so I cannot put candy in my baskets? I am in Canada, 5 hours from any border so just a little concerned about shipping and customs…. Anyone with advice? Thanks so much.

    • Anita says:

      Yes that is exactly what happens! And no you can’t use candy if you are not approved in grocery. There are solutions for sending to the US depending on where you live, come to our facebook group and ask.

  5. Debra Judge says:

    Thanks Anita! Will definitely be joining you on your FB page. So glad to have found another CANADIAN doing this! 👏🇨🇦👏

  6. Jonathan Cox says:

    Just curious.. how many Easter bundles do you send in?

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