How To Sell On Amazon From Canada

So you want to sell on Amazon from Canada? I have to admit, I was so very intimidated by this when I first started selling on Amazon as a Canadian. We of course do have and we have 4 or 5 warehouses here in Canada. But I can assure you that selling on is nothing like selling in the US on You really do want to get your products in from of all those Americans!  Our market … Continue reading

Things to Know About Selling on Amazon Canada

Things to Know About Selling on Amazon Canada   While this guide is primarily written for Canadians who are looking at selling on Amazon Canada, US sellers who want to list and sell on Amazon Canada would benefit as well.  I just want to hit a few important points for you to consider. How is Selling on Amazon Canada Different from Selling in the US? The market is a lot smaller.  While my fellow US sellers enjoy dozens of sales … Continue reading

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