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If there is one single thing that has taken my online retail business to a whole new level it is when I learned how to do wholesale for Amazon FBA.

Like many Amazon sellers I started out as an eBay refugee, discouraged by slow sales and having to deal with my own packing and shipping and customer service. Amazon FBA changed all of that in a heartbeat for me.  But my sales were faster than my ability to source good inventory, especially since I had kids and a full time job.

To me the solution was to take my business from hobby to serious by sourcing wholesale products.  It just made a whole lot of sense and was the logical next step for me.

 Wholesale Sourcing: A Step-by-Step Guide for eCommerce Businesses

The question was how to make that start! I didn’t know anything about it.

They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears and right around that time I saw a discussion in one of the Facebook groups that Amazon sellers Donna Flack and Charlene Anderson had just published a book about wholesale for Amazon FBA and it came with 3 months in their private Facebook group.

So I bought it. It was expensive but there is a cheaper Kindle version and being in the group was good while it lasted. I expected that they would let me know when my 3 months was up and tell me how to pay the $20 monthly fee to stay in the group but one day I was just no longer in the group without so much as even a message! So I either missed the information or I just don’t know! It left me feeling a bit funny about them.

But that said, the book did help me make a start and I obtained my first couple of wholesale accounts.  It covers an extensive amount about tradeshows which was very valuable.

So what am I recommending now for wholesale FBA sourcing?

Wholesale for Amazon FBAMy friend Duncan who wrote an amazing ebook on how to sell on Amazon.com from Canada has now finished his new ebook called The Wholesale Truth. Not only is this ebook easily accessible through his website, you can also talk to Duncan about getting some personal coaching on wholesale and getting into his private wholesale group. You will find that he is very accessible.

You can check out his FBA website right here.

I have the book and was able to read it in an evening and even though a lot of it was review for me and I already had some wholesale accounts and experience, I did learn some new things.

One of the tips that I got from the book actually helped me to land a really tough wholesale account who emphatically told me ‘No Amazon sellers!’.  Except me now  🙂

Here is what you will learn about wholesale for Amazon FBA in this book:

*IMPORTANT UPDATE*  You can now either just buy the Wholesale Truth ebook or you can join the Wholesale mastermind Facebook group.  Every day Duncan posts a new Amazon friendly wholesaler you can sign up with!  I have several new ones now that I didn’t even know existed!


  • Why you need to source wholesale. Amazon is making it harder for average sellers and Retail Arbitrage is becoming riskier with Amazon’s new rules.
  • Where to find wholesalers.  Where to find them both online and offline.
  • Creating a Professional Appearance.  This section covers email addresses, domains, what documents you will need to present yourself to them as an actual business.
  • Types of Wholesalers. Not everyone who calls themselves a ‘wholesaler’ is actually a true wholesaler. Many new sellers get caught in this net!
  • The best ways to contact wholesalers and starting that all important first conversation.  Do you call, email, stalk them?  What happens if you get one on the phone?  This section helps you prepare for questions they might ask you.
  • Negotiating terms and conditions and doing business with them. Know all the abbreviations and wholesale ‘lingo’ so that you will appear to be a seasoned pro!  What questions to ask them , what things you will want to know before ordering.
  • Advanced sourcing techniques. So now that you have the account, how do you know what to order?  Some of my wholesalers have 10’s of thousands of products in their catalogue.  You need to figure out how to analyze products, how to use alternative methods to deal with products that might be more profitable as White label or a bundle.

The Wholesale Truth contains exactly what a person who has never done wholesale needs to know to get started.  And if you want both the book and the Wholesale Mastermind group then click here.

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The Wholesale Truth

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